Product Description

TB10  Fitted with an BRUTUS TRUCK   11- Plate Cell. Good for engines up to 8 litre

This unit is fitted with a 70 amps CCPW  Intelligent HHO Controller!

Total control of your system. Auto start only when the voltage reaches 13.5 volts or (25.5V) depending on system, otherwise if the engine is off it will default to standby mode. That means your engine is off and so is the system. Change Amps directly, not changing the duty cycle and set output current, with a output of up to 70amps and frequency adjustment to an incredible 30KHz  Can run on either 12 or 24 volts and auto save the  last setting to guarantee consistent control.  Fitted with optional safety cut off ability.

The cabinet is made of high quality of 5mm  PE weather resistant  material and is fitted with two cabinet fans to maintain correct ventilation. width*height*depth : 460*610*230 mm. Fitted with a  3 litre reservoir  which is ample size to give sufficient cooling liquid for the cell, The gas flow from the reservoir goes thru a electrolyte trap that has a manual drain valve then to a washable poly spun gas dryer, guaranteeing that only clean dry gas enters the engine.

Comes with 2.5  meter 12mm electric feed lines and 2 .5 meters of 6mm gas feed line. which is fitted with a one-way check valve.

An additional safety cut off is also supplied on the exterior of the cabinet.