We aim to help save the Planet and not cost the Earth!

Get the edge on rising fuel prices – Go HHO today!

NQ Hybrids strives to provide a high quality affordable HHO System with the best possible customer service. HHO injection is becoming more accepted world wide as the amazing results are being achieved. As the technology advances, we at NQ Hybrids will endeavour to keep up with the pace so as to continue to develop electrolyzers that are more efficient with each generation. Every generation of cell is getting better and this has been due hours of experiments and countless dollars plus the help  of many happy customers who have done there own experiments and have given us their results. Here at NQ Hybrids we welcome your suggestions to increase performance and service. HHO is not complex but to make life easy we have made all our kits so that all of the main components needed for a successful install are provided.

Shipping is guaranteed within 3 days of payment clearing.

Please contact us if there is a question you need answered.

HHO is a viable sustainable, renewable resource!